unemployed entitle you to receive Brasil

Being unemployed does not automatically entitle you to receive Brasil a program that replaced Bolsa Família. Families must meet certain conditions to be entitled to the benefit.

1) Income

The first rule is that of income: only families with a monthly per capita income (per member) of up to R$200 can receive the aid, divided as follows:

Families in extreme poverty – those with a monthly per capita family income of up to R$ 100.00;

Families in poverty – those with a monthly per capita family income between R$100.01 and R$200.00.

2) Single Registration

The second rule is to be registered with CadÚnico.

See how to sign up for CadÚnico

The Ministry of Citizenship also informs that the entry of families and their permanence in the Auxílio Brasil Program will occur with the registration of its members in the Single Registry, as long as they present updated registration data and profile to participate in the Program.

But the fact that the family is enrolled in the Single Registry, has the registry updated and is eligible for the program also does not result in the immediate granting of Auxílio Brasil benefits. “There is no defined deadline for the realization of this concession”, informs the Ministry.

What is the benefit amount?
Starting this Tuesday (18), each family will receive a minimum transfer of R$ 400 . The total investment for payments exceeds R$ 7.1 billion. The states with the highest number of families enrolled in the program are Bahia, with 2.16 million, followed by São Paulo (2.14 million), Pernambuco (1.39 million), Minas Gerais (1.38 million), Rio de Janeiro (1.28 million) and Ceará (1.27 million).

Check the payment schedule for 2022
The 2022 payment calendar started this Tuesday (18).

To find out on which day the benefit is available for withdrawal or credit to a bank account, the family must observe the last digit of the NIS (Social Identification Number), printed on each cardholder’s card. For each end of the NIS there is a corresponding date

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