Egea Assumes That Now It Touches A New Stage In PP Leadership

Teodoro García Egea is no longer the general secretary of the PP. ” I have made one of the most difficult decisions as a member of the Popular Party and I have decided to leave office to give the militants a voice, and that we can take a breath,” he began by saying, already stripped of his position. “Has he resigned?”, they asked him. “Yes”, he answered emphatically, before adding that he is still “from the PP” and with affection towards Pablo Casado in a frenetic and very complicated day in Genoa. “The president who is now elected will have my respect and my support ,” added García Egea.

“The best thing is that he does not attend Congress,” he confirmed in an interview on the Sixth, so he will not be at the government control session this Wednesday. Regarding the figure of Casado, precisely, he assured that he will be “always loyal” and declared himself “sad” because “there are many Spaniards who are not going to meet the real Pablo Casado, who is a person with principles.” He does not know if the still president of the PP will be in the session or not to ask Sánchez.

Married before the press.
The reason for his departure is clear to him: “I’m not leaving because I’ve done nothing wrong, which I haven’t done . ” At this point he spoke of the clash with Isabel Díaz Ayuso . “She has falsely accused us of espionage and much more serious things,” she said, calling to ask “if Spain wants some parties that ask inside.” He then wanted to vindicate the “exemplary” work that, according to him, a national leadership that is now faltering has tried to do. “I don’t think we have failed in this investigation,” he said, and for the future he believes that the militants “will have a new leadership that will protect them equally or better.”

Ayuso is “one of the main assets” of the PP
Focusing on the matter around Ayuso, Egea denied espionage and that the information came from Moncloa: “Absolutely false” , he assured and reiterated, as at the time Casado, that this documentation came to Genoa “from an anonymous source”. He tried to make it clear that “there is no battle” with the Madrid leader, whom he says he believes and whom he considers “one of the main assets” of the party. “What is contributed to the file, contributed remains and that was what we wanted,” he said. Thus, he said that his departure is a decision made “thinking about Spain and the party.”

Yes, it implicitly made Ayuso ugly for having “pressured” Genoa to advance the PP Congress in Madrid and directly related it to the trigger of the crisis and the investigation: Egea says “knowing” with complete certainty that the pressure began when the leadership national had the information in their hands . But the former popular number two denies knowing the reason for these pressures.

“I have not seen a single PP card there,” he continued to refer to the demonstrations last weekend at the headquarters, but he did ask for “forgiveness” to those who may feel “disappointed” with the current situation of the party. “You should not go around the party’s headquarters when you disagree, there are some channels that we are going to take now,” Egea concluded on this issue.

Belén Hoyo, José Luis Martínez-Almeida and Ana Vázquez.
For García Egea, the key to the situation is not “being alone or accompanied” but “having a clear conscience of a job well done” . The former general secretary wanted to remember that Casado’s team came to the party “when he had been evicted for not having managed the corruption cases well.” Regarding the crisis with the Madrid president, Egea pointed out that the national leadership “has asked questions” and stressed, again, that Ayuso is “one of the main assets” of the formation.

However, he had a message for the country: “Spain has to ask itself if a party, when it receives information, has to ask questions or has to throw it away”. Regarding the situation that the PP has experienced, he said that his figure has been “at a crossroads” and his commitment was to “ask” . Of course, he hopes that “the new management will continue working on that line”. Likewise, he also validates the fact that Ayuso is not trying to “replace” Casado at the national level.

“The PP is now much better than when Casado arrived in terms of governability ,” commented Egea, who made reference to the fact that the formation has power in the city of Madrid or in Andalusia. Regarding his personal situation, she maintained that he has been receiving “many messages of support” but that at this time he sees “it is necessary to step aside.” Regarding her relationship with Casado, she said that she is “better if possible” than she was a few weeks ago. And he defined him as “a man of principles”.

All these reflections and words come only a few hours after announcing his resignation as number two of the popular ones . The dismissal of him had been one of the requests that several ‘barons’ and territorial positions of the PP have insistently demanded in recent days to plug the crisis, especially after the attempted war between the PP leadership and the Madrid president.

The president of the Xunta and the PP of Galicia, Alberto Núñez Feijóo.
Feijóo hints that he will take a step forward: “You have to be up to the task and make decisions… me among them”
However, events have precipitated in the last 48 hours and what has been called into question is the leadership of Pablo Casado himself. In the last few hours, the voices that have requested an extraordinary congress to elect a new leadership have multiplied, a conclave that will be set at the Board of Directors next Tuesday.

“It is evident that there are things that have not been explained well,” he argued, but argued that there is also “information” that is not exact with what is happening in the PP. “The current situation is due to a host of circumstances that make it advisable” for him to resign, continued the former secretary general. “The secretary general is the target of all criticism,” Egea lamented in this regard.

García Egea, deputy for Murcia, has been the right hand of Pablo Casado in the last three years , since he won the XIX PP congress after a primary process in which he prevailed over the former Vice President of the Government Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría.

Until now, Casado had refused to drop his most faithful squire, who in the last two years has led the renewal of the party “from the bottom up” and that had led him to make some enemies with veteran positions of the party. At the meeting of the PP steering committee, some of its members, such as Valencian Belén Hoyo -who has also submitted her resignation as president of the National Electoral Committee- defended García Egea’s departure in front of Pablo Casado to help resolve the crisis, according to popular sources.

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