García Egea Resigns And Casado Faces The Appointment With The Barons

There were two alternatives to “fuck, he’s resigned!” that someone dropped in the courtyard of the Congress this Tuesday, around six. The president of the PP, Pablo Casado , had been denied two hours earlier by his most intimate environment , there was only one option left: that of Teodoro García Egea , the general secretary who could not bear, despite challenging her, the growing spiral of criticism that demanded his departure. for the whole day. “To continue, to continue”, he had responded to 20minutes only a few hours before when asked about his continuity, in a brief phone call.

Married and Aegean.
Egea delayed its transition into history to the point of rejecting, at first, Casado’s explicit request that he resign and that of the Popular Parliamentary Group in Congress , through a document endorsed by the entire leadership of the bench ‘popular’. By then, Belén Hoyo , the president of the party’s Electoral Committee who had demanded the resignation of the general secretary on Monday, and the national spokesman, José Luis Martínez-Almeida , had already resigned from their organic positions. Later the deputy secretaries Ana Vázquez and Andrea Levy would do it, who lamented “the spectacle”.

All senior party officials who, with greater or lesser fervor, had been loyal to Casado and who also have closely linked careers in the party. The president of the PP was left alone, isolated, protected only by the manifest loyalty of a member of the leadership, Pablo Montesinos , the deputy secretary of Communication of the party who, when the Congress emptied, declared “his total support and loyalty to the president Married” .

Even the Murcian president, Fernando López Miras, relented in his support for the party’s leadership: “The situation is unsustainable, urgent decisions are needed and that is why I request that there be an extraordinary congress.” He did it in Cieza, the birthplace of Teodoro García Egea.

Pablo married, at the end of his interview at COPE.
Many deputies, aware of the end of a stage, began to differentiate Casado’s errors from those of Egea, personified as the head of the civil war within the party, as the instigator of excessive suspicion. Much less loved by the party’s cadres than the still president, the departure of the ‘number two’ was a prior, necessary and differentiated condition for the party’s senior staff before closing Casado’s cycle at the head of the PP.

By then, the still leader of the PP had already yielded to the unanimous pressure of the territorial barons, his leadership and deputies and senators and included in the agenda of the National Board of Directors for next March 1 the convening of a congress extraordinary to prepare your succession . There was no resignation, but the confirmation that this Wednesday he will preside over a conclave at 8:00 p.m. together with 17 regional leaders who will not conjugate their questions to him in the future, but to Alberto Núñez Feijóo , the Galician president, called to cut the septicemia that contaminates to the match.

Because almost all the regional barons agreed yesterday on two points: that Casado must leave and that an extraordinary congress must be convened as soon as possible . And so they will request it at the meeting, sources close to the regional leaders informed Europa Press.

A meeting in which an absence stands out: the Madrid president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso , summoned at first but finally excluded, alleged by the management that she is not regional president. Casado thus avoids a direct confrontation with his antagonist at a moment of maximum vulnerability.

“You can’t come this way”
On the other hand, there was something that caused the perplexity of the ‘popular’ deputies: Casado had not withdrawn his question to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez , in the control session on Wednesday. The opposition leader has not withdrawn the “How much more is he willing to give in to his pro-independence partners to continue in La Moncloa?” formulated for Sanchez. “You can’t come here ,” assured a deputy in the courtyard of Congress. “I’m screwed” , expressed one of the few ‘casadistas’ who has not yet withdrawn his support, one of “the 10 insignificant deputies who continue to support Casado” , as described by another bench colleague, who assures that”Teo [García Egea] has us subjected to an emotional kidnapping” .

Another deputy related to the president wondered if she had not yet canceled the question to Sánchez. “I don’t know if I would have the body to come” , she empathized with her. Egea himself has acknowledged during the interview this Tuesday in El Objective “not knowing if Casado will go to Congress this Wednesday.” The situation was such that, far from making firewood from the fallen tree, many Vox and Ciudadanos deputies supported the PP deputies. An ‘orange’ deputy narrated it: “We are giving them encouragement, they are having a hard time, Spain needs a strong PP” . An unexpected situation that gives some air to a shrinking party and that, meanwhile, collects a peak of scattered votes. “I always tell Inés, you never know what is going to happen,

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